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Here’s a list of questions that are frequently asked…

Or, that I could think of at this very moment…

You should read them, please read them.

(People don’t always BOTHER because reading IMPORTANT stuff takes time and it’s boring)

*Reverse psychology alert*

But, I promise you’ll thank me afterwards


So, Lisa; how long have you been photographing for? (Please tell us things that will convince us that you can make us look fab-AF on our wedding day)

I have been taking photos for almost 20 years and professionally for 4. I actually shot my first wedding back in 2002 on a film camera! I did lot’s of assisting and second shooting before starting my own business. After more assurance?

  • I won’t make you pose in a cheesy, dated fashion or make you feel uncomfortable or self conscious;
  • I will capture all the candid, real moments of your wedding, even the ones where you are crying with laughter or falling over on the “D” floor, drunk;
  • Errm, also take a look at some of the testimonials I’ve received from my raving ex-clients. They’ve all said good things. Promise.

Do we need to feed you?

Ummm, yes please. I work better when I’m not hangry (please and thank you!)

When do we get our photos?

You will receive a sneak peek slideshow, via email, 2 weeks after the wedding with some of my faves from the day. Next, I email you a link to your personal, password protected online gallery so you can view, download, print & share your images with friends & family (approx. 4-6 weeks after wedding).  All images will be both high and low resolution & individually edited by me.  If you order an album, this takes time to design. You usually receive your album in the mail 2-3 weeks after you’re completely happy with the design and layout. I will also  mail you a package with a USB & a cute little surprise gift to each couple I shoot for, as a thank you and a way of remembering your special day! I’m not telling you what it is, though. You’ll just have to wait and see…

What gear do you use? Google tells me that apparently it’s an important question to ask – even though your answer won’t mean anything to me… (I just wanted to get that off my chest)

I’m a Canon girl. I shoot with 5D Mark III body’s, L series lenses, and Canon speedlites. I have lots of backup equipment and I’m prepared for every situation.

Mmmhmmm, that sounds impressive Lisa.

Anyways, you’re sounding fab, we definitely dig you! How much are we looking at?

My wedding packages start at $2800 and you can see more about my pricing over here. I also offer portrait sessions and they start from $400. 

Where are you from? Will you travel for weddings? What about Kazakhstan?

While I am a Melbourne based photographer, I’ve never been one to turn down an opportunity to travel, and your wedding is no exception so don’t be shy to ask. Seriously, I hope a Greek-island-wedding is on the cards sometime soon…I’m envisioning a donkey selfie or two, the stunning Aegean sea backdrop, and; Groomy shotting back a glass of ouzo while shouting “Opa!” (And let’s not even speak of all the spanakopita I could eat).

I’m sure there are travel costs involved, yeah?

For local weddings more than 1 hour from Melbourne CBD, fuel & accommodation may be required. For interstate and destination weddings, it’s my flight, 2 nights’ accommodation and a hire car. Please contact me to enquire though because sometimes I can offer a special package just so we can make it happen!

What if we want TWO Lisa’s on the day?

While I am the only Lisa Drew that I know of, you can of course have a second shooter on the day! I usually recommend having a two of us for longer weddings with lots of guests & a large bridal party. For smaller & more intimate weddings I am usually OK to shoot on my own. Having two photographer’s of course will cost an additional fee. Please enquire for more info & I’ll let you know what’s best.

Can you organise prints and enlargements for us?

Absolutely. In fact, I try to keep my prices reasonable so that you can order them from me. The quality of a professional lab is SO much better than a local lab, and I want the images to look amazing. Also I think it is important to print your images, hang them on the walls, stick them on the fridge etc. We don’t want them to disappear into the world of Facebook or sit on your hard drive forever. This is why an album is such a nice keepsake to have. There is nothing better than seeing your images come to life on paper.

How many times do we meet before the wedding day?

As many as you want. Usually it is just one, however that is completely up to you. If you live in a different state or country we can FaceTime or email.

Do you support Marriage Equality?

Absolutely! YES! I was raised in a household where everyone is equal and love is love regardless of gender or race. Simples!

How do we book you?

Message me via the contact form here to see if your wedding date is available. If indeedy it is, then we can catch up for a coffee or FaceTime session to get to know one another. If your happy to proceed I will send you a contract to sign and then it’s just a $1000 security deposit to lock in your date. The balance is not due until 4 weeks before the wedding. HAPPY DAYS.

To get started, get those fingers typing and fill in my contact form over here

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