Music and Events

I started my career working as a music photographer in Melbourne, and music is my first love. It has the ability to entertain us, move us and inspire us. While music is fundamentally aural, it evokes a certain passion in both performers and audiences – creating stunning visual scenarios that make for truly unique photos. It is the unpredictable nature of a performer on stage that I love, as you never know what you may capture.

In addition to capturing spontaneous on-stage antics, I am also able to photograph any other event you may have planned. I love shooting different events and engaging with people. Different events draw in different crowds, and I love being given the opportunity to work in such a diverse environment. I combine my technical skills with imagination and specialise in taking dynamic, engaging shots that capture the spirit of your event in a new and creative way.

I am very spontaneous, however, extremely reliable when it comes to event and music photography. I show up promptly, completely organised, and work tirelessly throughout the function to ensure I’m capturing every special moment.

I’m not about the staged, airbrushed perfection that many event photographers strive for; my shots are vibrant creations that showcase the personality of my subjects. I’ve used this fresh approach for a diverse range of functions, including concerts, parties and festivals.

I have many happy clients, each one impressed by the high-level of artistry I accomplish with every shot. I compose and create images that go beyond simply documenting an event, producing artistic and evocative results.

If you are searching for a Melbourne based event photographer who can capture the true essence of your event, I’d love to hear from you.

If you are searching for a Melbourne based event photographer who can capture the true essence of your occasion, I’d love to hear from you. I have vast experience covering music events across the full range of genres and I am always looking for a new challenge. Whatever the event you require a photographer for, get in touch by sending me an email.

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