Artwork by Chelsea Meatchem

“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that's gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”

~ Karl Lagerfeld

Hey, I'm Lisa Drew – photographer, storyteller and memory keeper. I am a Melbourne based photographer who is always up for an adventure!

You’re looking for a photographer who just has an eye for the perfect shot. Someone who has something fresh to offer so that, after all the cake is eaten and the celebrations have ended, you’re not left with an album full of standard, every-other-couple-has-them shots….No, sirreee!

Your singular story as a couple should be artfully captured.

What’s more, you want someone who will go that extra mile for you. Someone who:

  • Calms mums 
  • Rescues fly-away hair 
  • Entertains Uncle Dave
  • Gives hourly weather updates
  • Stands in as iPhone photographer 
  • Loyal dad-joke responder 
  • Occasional tree climber 
  • Bouquet carrier 

And lot's of other random things!

Jokes aside, client’s have described my work as:




And, my style: ECLECTIC

What do I mean by eclectic?

I draw inspiration from a number of different mediums; I am inspired by old classic movies, high-end fashion magazines & music. My method of editing produces a mix of photos that have a certain edge to them.  

My past has definitely influenced my Photography. I started out shooting live music at concerts and festivals in my 20s. I grew up surrounded by culture, the arts and a family full of creatives. My Mum was a singer and my Poppy was a graphic designer. From a young age, Mum would take me to art galleries, exhibitions, concerts & stage shows which enhanced my love of visual art (which, yep, I later studied) At home, we always had fashion magazines splayed across our coffee table and I adored flicking through them, admiring the dramatic editorial shoots in them.

Eventually friends & family were getting married and would often ask if I would take the pictures. so I gave it a go & I fell in love with it. The very first wedding I shot was actually taken using real rolls of film!

(And let that not be an indication of my age. I’m forever 25, okay?)

Shooting weddings was similar to shooting concerts, except that I was able to interact with my subjects more, and get to know them on a much deeper level. It really does feel like I am part of your family for the day.

To get a better feel for my photography style, take a gander at my portfolio of work over here. In the meantime, you know what I’d love from you? If you’d fill out my questionnaire over on my Contact page. Give me the what, when, how and who and I can take it from there!

Toodles Xo

Lisa was extremely professional & personable. We felt as if she was an extension of our family. Lisa’s photos are stunning and really captured what the day meant to us.

~ Reyad & Shazreen